When mania meets freedom


What we pursue is not only a fashion, but also a life attitude. We are a jewelry brand created for hip hop young people, adhering to the free and true personality, so that everyone can bravely show themselves and pursue the infinite possibilities of the heart. Our brand promotes self-indulgence, individuality, unafraid of others' different eyes, just to meet their own spiritual needs.

Where we come from

Free Spirit

In a city full of rhythm, there is a unique place where people from all cultural backgrounds come together. They come from all walks of life: artists, musicians, street dancers, and souls who embrace freedom. This place is the birthplace of "reallmee".

A young designer named Kevin has been passionate about hip hop culture since he was a child. He often walks the streets of the city, feeling the pulse of the city, each different culture and personality deeply fascinated him. However, Kevin found that the jewelry brands on the market lacked the design that matched these individual souls. He decided to fill the void with his own creativity and passion.

On a chance trip, Kevin met an old artisan. The artisan taught him the art of jewelry design and told him that every piece of jewelry had a story to tell. Since then, Kevin has combined his design talent with traditional craftsmanship to create one-of-a-kind accessories. These accessories are not just simple accessories, but also a way to express yourself.

The birth of the REALLMEE brand is precisely because of this pursuit of freedom, authenticity and individuality. Each of our accessories carries endless inspiration and stories, symbolizing the courage to pursue dreams and the attitude of freedom. We believe that everyone has the right to be who they are without being lost in the eyes of others. Therefore, our brand is not only a trend, but also a symbol of courage to show your true self.

When you wear REALLMEE, you wear a story on your chest, a story about yourself. We hope that everyone who chooses us can radiate their own unique charm from the bottom of their hearts. Walking with REALLMEE, let us show our free, real and flamboyant personality together, and share our wild spiritual needs with the world.